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All responses to any of these articles can be given here, just click on the word “replies” immediately below this line and type away!  Or send an email to:  c2baird@charter.net

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About cliff baird

My wife and I are both 76 years old. Just retired from 22 years of mission work in mainland China, last 17 of which was delivering free Bibles to the Chinese people. Over 540,000 as of last year. contact Royal Oak church of Christ, Royal Oak, MI to contribute. Am now writing my third book , this one on applied hermeneutics. Using these principles to understand difficult passages. Bachelor's in Mathematics, Master's in N.T. from Harding school of Theology. Like to write about and discuss Bible questions.

4 thoughts on “Easy to reply

  1. The article on Phoebe was very informative. It makes sense that she performed the duties of servant, but what really hit me was that if God wanted this office filled, He would have given instructions on how to fill it & who should fill it – the qualifications would be listed. Excellent article!

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